Even Better Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services

Service Provider in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Even Better Cleaning Services was founded in Aurora, Ontario in 1996 by a single mother of four: Eve. She believed in making this a better world, and so Even Better was created. In 2000 she met an other optimist: Julio, who later became her husband. He studied Environmental Engineering for 4 years, so his dream was to make this a more sustainable world. Since the start of this business hundreds of families enjoyed the great feeling of arriving into a sparkling clean home, and hundreds of people enjoyed entering their fresh smelling work places. But since 2000 Even Better became even better offering a 100% green cleaning service. Julio and Eve re-organized the business, and the name was changed to Even Better Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services. All of a sudden the environment was not harmed by chemicals while they cleaned and scrubbed. The clients' indoor air quality was dramatically improved. Nature was protected while the homes became healthier and safer: even for toddlers crawling on the floor. Julio professionally trained all cleaning staff to know why and how to use the environmentally friendly cleaning tools and supplies. All through these years we were always committed to satisfy the most specific cleaning needs, and to please even the fussiest home and business owners. Today, in all our activities, we still pay special attention to what is important and beneficial to our customers, their clients, families, pets, to our own health, and to the whole planet. We ask you now, to come, and join us today on our journey to make this an even better world!



103 Kersey Crescent
Richmond Hill, Ontario
Canada L4C5X4
(416) 315-0266

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