Incredible Ecogear

Retailer in Scarborough, Ontario

Our foundations are as private label makers, working for the biggest brands and stores in North America. Inspired by the growing natural disasters that happened in 2007, we started to look into what we could do as a corporation to minimize the footprints of what we do for a living. Changing our lifestyles at work and at home to use less simply wasn't enough. Our first sights were naturally set at organically grown products such as cotton, hemp or bamboo but the products didn't feel right. If you think about the clear cutting that has to take place to grow cotton or the obscene amounts of clean drinkable water turned into sewage in the process, you would say the foot print is still too heavy. Along the way weÕve met new friends that made excellent products that echoed our own and weÕre proud to be able to work with them to provide consumer products for what we believe will be truly sustainable lifestyles. The damage to our mother earth has been done and we wonÕt pretend to have any solutions to reverse the destruction. The only thing we can say for sure is that together, we can slow down the process and give nature the breathing room needed to correct our wrongs. All it takes is conscious consumption. Know exactly what youÕre dumping into the lands and waters everyday and avoid all toxic chemicals like the plague they are. Read up on the issues and take action whenever and wherever you can.



11 Cedarview Drive
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada M1C2K5
(416) 321-9388

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