Agoo Agii, Inc.

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In 1999, Laboratoires Agoo Agii was founded in MontrŽal, QuŽbec by Jennifer Rodriguez-Allen, B.Sc.(McGill, 1993), an Environmental Chemist. Jennifer Rodriguez-Allen began her research with A Pocket Full O' Posies, Aromatherapy Breast Care as a way to learn to cope and to feel natural about herself after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her focus then switched to the plants that occupied her young daughter's world and how they could help her recover her original understanding of world and thus be a better mother. Her experiences with her daughter made her change her focus to the alienation she had with her local ecology from an emphasis on sensitivity to environmental contaminants. The present line of products seek to explore the benefits of an Ecological Reconciliation and a fortification of the senses we were born with. In 2001, Agoo Agii Laboratories became Agoo Agii Incorporated so that we could have multiple ownership by all the people who were donating their talents and finances to the establishment and the growth of our work. Our hopes are, that by 2008, we will be able to establish a cooperative type setting within our company to further enrich our diversity in thought and cultural exchange. Environmental Policy: All our infused oil products are made through cold infusion. The only time heat is used is in the making of the creams. This means we use less electricity and lessen our impact on our climate, bringing forward some actions to support the Kyoto Protocol. All organic waste is composted rather than sent to the landfill. Until recently, we were using non-certified organic olive oil. We are now officially in transition to becoming a certified organic company. One of the most difficult tasks any Eco-Innovator has to cope with is the production of more garbage! We have been searching and continue to search for printers of labels with recycled content and eco-friendly dyes.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Agoo Agii, Inc. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


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