Frenchman's Bay Marina

Service Provider in Pickering, Ontario

FrenchmanÕs Bay presents a storied past as a major port and centre of commerce prior to Canadian Confederation through to the 20th century. It has served the community well over these years, often being on the leading edge of commerce, industry and community living in the Pickering/Durham area. The advent of rail and road transport diminished the BayÕs role as a centre of commerce, but continues to enhance its role as the jewel of Durham Region as a focus point for living, recreation, leisure, family, dining, shopping and environmental activities. FrenchmanÕs Bay Marina has emerged as a local leader in revitalizing the waterfront for the benefit of the larger community. Present day L.I.F.E. on the Bay is a burgeoning hive of fresh ideas, creativity, resurgence and community-based life. Our Mission: Our mission is to serve the Durham region as a leader in waterfront living; enabling the community to fully connect with the natural beauty, land and water-based activities, commerce, leisure, recreation and social fabric of the local, regional and international community. The original vision, on which Pickering Harbour Company was founded in 1853, was passed on to the current owners in 1962. The CompanyÕs board members, who have a direct connection to this acquisition, have shepherded the growth and revitalization of Pickering Harbour Company, and the redevelopment of the FrenchmanÕs Bay waterfront. This leadership is dedicated to enabling Life on the Bay in a manner that is continually innovative and meaningful to the residents and visitors of the Durham Region.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

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591 Liverpool Road
Pickering, Ontario
Canada L1W1R1
(905) 839-5036

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