Agrivar: Agro Industrie VariŽe

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AGRIVAR (Varied Agro-industry) is an SME located 60 Km south of Abidjan in a heavily agricultural area. Its main activity the extraction of palm oil from palm seeds and the production of organic fertilizer brand M'Bl™. It started operations in 2001 , and now employs 152 people (92 permanent and others occasionally) with 25 young women . It also produces an average of 16 tonnes of palm oil per day (24 hour cycle). Since September 2006 , AGRIVAR enjoys approval WAEMU and is certified Ivorian origin. It already exports in the sub region of West Africa ( Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali , Niger, Senegal and Togo ) and in some European countries that are France and Switzerland . The oil produced by AGRIVAR meets standards International quality, enabling it to be recognized by reference companies like COUNTER-KNOW and SIPRA IVOGRAIN . for the quality of its work, the AGRIVAR company has more features, like the approval UEMOA, the organic certification, and finally certified RSPO.


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