Sili Solutions

Manufacturer/Supplier, Retailer in Gibsons, British Columbia

Sili Solutions is a small company based on the designs and inspirations of Carolina Parker and Andrew Stromotich, a husband and wife team dedicated to changing the world with inspiring solutions to serious problems.

First problem needing a sili solution was the unsustainable and unhealthy overuse of single use, non-recyclable paper and plastic cups. sililid, the universal cup lid that turns almost any cup or glass into a sippy or travel cup was inspired by the belief people would reduce their use of these massive consumables if given a simple, universal option,and we hope we are right! But, we have also found it makes an awesome lid for kids too, virtually eliminating spills at home, in restaurants and in the car (phew!).

Then came silibagz, a reusable alternative to the insanity of the plastic bag. Silibagz can go to the shops with you and bring home your deli selections, your pound of coffee, or anything else you would want to store in an airtight bag, and because it's made of platinum silicone, you can cook in it or freeze in it and shop in it, over and over again. It's super durable making it the ultimate food storage companion for camping, boating, or just using it at home.

And most recently are Bbagz, the amazing alternative to zipper lockplastic bags; 1 Bbag alone in a childs lunch, replaces 200+ single use sanwich bags in it's very first year. Great for sous vide, and backpacking too.

But all good things eventually come to an end, and in 2013 we felt it would be neglegent to produce products without considering it's end of life impact (as Cheif Seattle said, we will someday suffocate in our own waste). From this realization came the inspiration for our infini line of products created from old sili products. Currently, we are the only manufacturers of silicone products that repurpose spent product and materials into new products, and we do this without heavy manufacturing or energy consumption like other forms of recycling.

All sili products are made of 100% platinum silicone, which is a very clean substance originally developed for the medical industry, making it a fantastic alternative to the polyethelene used in cups and bags today. Our infini line of products are handmade and foul no water, create no waste, and burn very little energy in their making.

All sili packaging will be repurposable and/or compostable by the end of 2016.



687 Hillcrest Road
Gibsons, British Columbia
Canada V0N1V9
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