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Distributor/Wholesaler in NŸrnberg

The company Jaenig was founded by Franz Jaenig in Schwabach in 1969 and has since then been active in import and export. Since 1999, his daughter Heike Stirnwei§ is CEO of Jaenig GmbH Casa Collection with prescious lifestyle ambience and furniture and the company Jaenig GmbH direkt for promotion and OEM-projects. Liability: Grown from tradition and stabilizend by succeddful projects we have been standing for reliance and high costumers' satisfaction. Quality: Thanks to quality and laboratory tests our custumers cand additionally be assured (SGS-labora-tory, MOT, RoHS and REACH-standard). Ethic: The trade with Asia is characterized by personal comittment and understanding for foreign cultures and requires a high ethic. We are MSCI-members and exlusively work together with certified companies. Innovation: Proving courage for innovation and extraordinary ideas we guide our customers into new worlds of experience.


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Frankenstra§e 150D
Germany D90461
+49 (911) 643-3880

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