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At Fixoni, our collections are divided into three sub brands; Fixoni Little Bee, Fixoni Baby Tales and Fixoni Infinity. Read more about the individual sub brands including. Fixoni Little Bee is our pr¾maturserie for the very smallest. Pr¾maturserien available from size 32 to 50. When the family behind Fixoni brand itself experienced what it means to have a premature baby, it was clear that this group of children have a variety of special needs in terms of clothing and that Fixoni brand was not able to meet these needs through the baby collection you at that time offered. This was the start of Fixoni Little Bee. Product development is given high priority, and Fixoni Little Bee therefore working continuously to ensure that our designs match the most MINIMUM needs. Similarly, we are working with the National Association Pr¾matures Terms to support a good cause and to spread awareness of the growing trend of giving birth prematurely. Fixoni Baby Tales is clothing for babies from 0-9 months. And are primarily from size 50 to 74. With Fixoni Baby Tales, we want to help to write the story of baby's first year. Year to be filled with pleasant moments that make up a good start for both parent as for the baby. The collection contains both a classic and a fashion line, which offers a good selection of products regardless of whether one is neutral, pink and light blue, which particularly expresses the traditional baby look, or whether one is more for the latest trends in colors and prints. The same for both lines is that they represent a wealth of delicious products in soft materials and a durable quality. Fixoni Baby Tales - We welcome the smallest welcome to the world. Fixoni Infinity is our basic series that are always in stock. The basic series are available from size 44 to 92. It is not always enough with a set of clothes a day when you have small children. There must be a lot of clothes, and it is really nice with a good basic collection to supplement with. In the series from Fixoni Infinity has both romper with matching body stockings, but also pants, body stockings, hats, cardigans, cloth diapers, etc. The products are made in neutral, pink and light blue shades, which helps to ensure that they can always fit in the child's other attire. You are thus secured the most common products to complete your child's basic collection.


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