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ADVANSA is a leading European polyester fibre producer, based in Germany, and supplying customers worldwide through our network of logistic centres and representative offices. From itÕs heritage as a former DuPont company, ADVANSA has the exclusive rights to INVISTA (former DuPont) polyester brands and technology in Europe and brings added value to its customers worldwide through advanced & sustainable polyester fibre technology and brands. The safety and health of our employees and end-users is foremost and fundamental to everything we do at ADVANSA: from product development, through manufacturing operations to logistics and marketing. Respect for the environment is also a core value including ecological awareness and continuous improvement in the sustainability of our operations and products throughout the supply chain. ADVANSA has a strong track record as an industry leader in innovation, quality, customer service and marketing. Striving for Excellence in all aspects of what we do is fundamental to being competitive in future Ð from our people to our products to the added value and service we bring to the market. ADVANSA is an agile and innovative company. We value innovation, openness, thinking differently, reactivity and independence. Always seeking new solutions, with the freedom to implement them, is the daily challenge of motivated, empowered employees.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Advansa has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


Frielinghauser Str. 5
Germany 59071
(492) 388-8400

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