4U Cleaners

Service Provider in Kenner, Louisiana

Our cleaner uses 100% real organic cleaning to renew the freshness of your favorite clothes! We use neither perc nor hydrocarbon. Perc is found to be hazardous to human. Does your dry-cleaner tell you that? Satisfaction is guaranteed through our service! We welcome everyone to come tour our dry-cleaner! ThereÕs nothing to lose, but only to gain through our service! You can come see yourself HOW we really clean your clothes! Do other dry-cleaners allow you to come to the back and show you whatÕs really going on in there? NO. Please do not hesitate and check it out yourself! So why us? Through over 10 years of experimenting on new ways to clean your clothes back to perfection, our cleaners finally came up with a solution, wet-cleaning. Wet-cleaning is a very hard method of cleaning. ItÕs hard because of many different materials there are in garments of clothes and the method differs because of the wide variety. Also, thereÕs a very big risk in wet-cleaning your clothes because it can shrink or damage your clothes! We have a solution to the impossible and now itÕs finally available to our customers. Our cleaner is proud to present to you our new wet-cleaning method!



3130 Loyola Drive
Kenner, Louisiana
USA 70065
(504) 469-2002

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