Eco Wet Cleaners

Service Provider in Surrey, British Columbia

Professional Wet Cleaning. We clean ALL items w/label "Dry Clean Only". We do better on Removing Stains,Ordours, or Moulds. Non-Toxic, Eco Friendly, Skin Friendly. For Your Health and Environment Make the Switch to Wet Cleaners! Professional Wet Cleaning is not only Eco Friendly but also Skin Friendly, from the good combination of: 1. Computer controlled Steam Washer, Steam Dryer, Finishing Equipment with Tensioning Function; 2. Newly Developed Soap (ph level 1), Rinsing Liquid and Purified Water; 3. Professional staff with knowledge of fabric and clothes. Skin is ph 5.5. The water and Biogradable soap we use for Wet Cleaning is about ph 6. So, there is no need to worry about itching or irritation on your skin.



6764 King George Boulevard
Surrey, British Columbia
Canada V3W4Z5
(604) 591-9194

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