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One requirement of every modern educational facility is that it enables students and educators to create and thrive while allowing its natural surroundings to do the same. The earth is a playground of exceptional design and remarkable beauty; host to a multitude of finely tuned systems. It is the model learning environment and our inspiration as we envision solutions that meet our clients' program needs and work toward greater harmony between the natural and the built world. Whether it's new construction or a renovation, our architects and designers strive for buildings that are beautiful, high performing and educational; that elegantly demonstrate new roles for nature, resources, and technology. LEED and other industry standards are a beginning. Pushing beyond these defined measurements, however, is where we find pioneering resource-conscious solutions. Each day, we challenge ourselves to embrace the possibility of a fully sustainable world. Our contribution is schools and campuses that respect, support, and nurture the learning experience and work in concert with the earth and its resources. Working with us means joining this journey and realizing new possibilities for your students and the world at large.


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125 East Jefferson Street
Syracuse, New York
USA 13202
(315) 425-1814

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