Auckland UniServices, Ltd.

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Auckland UniServices Limited is the commercial research, knowledge transfer and custom education company for the University of Auckland - dedicated to connecting the University’s capabilities to business and investors, Government and the community. UniServices is a wholly-owned company of the University of Auckland. In just 25 years UniServices has grown to produce an income of over NZ$130 million per annum, far surpassing any similar organisation in New Zealand and Australia. Our income derives from contract research and consulting, customised education programmes for 25,000 students around the world and from transferring intellectual property developed by staff and students at the University to the public and private sectors. We are a substantial organisation with over 600 employees, working in 37 countries, and with access to many more academic staff from the University of Auckland. The work of UniServices supports the leadership position of the University of Auckland, and allows the University to expand and enhance its capabilities in commercial and basic research.


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70 Symonds Street
New Zealand 01142
(649) 373-7522

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