AusBiotech, Ltd.

Manufacturer/Supplier in South Yarra

AusBiotech is Australia's Biotechnology Industry Organisation, which represents over 3,000 members, covering the human health, agricultural, medical device, bioinformatics, environmental and industrial sectors in biotechnology. AusBiotech is dedicated to the development, growth and prosperity of the Australian Biotechnology Industry, by providing initiatives to drive sustainability and growth, outreach and access to markets, and representation and support for members nationally and around the world. AusBiotech has representation in each Australian state providing a national network to support members and promote the commercialisation of Australian bioscience in the national and international marketplaces. The structure is a not-for-profit limited guarantee company managed by a Board elected by members in line with its constitution. Our membership base includes biotechnology companies, ranging from start-ups to mature multinationals, research institutes and universities, specialist service professionals, corporate, institutional, individual and student members from Australia and overseas.


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627 Chapel Street
South Yarra
Australia 03141
+61 (039) 828-1400

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