Aequor, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Oceanside, California

Aequor is a development-stage biotech company that holds patents pending on the methods of extraction, methods of use, and composition of matter of new chemical entities (NCEs) derived from novel marine natural products. The NCEs indicate remarkable anti-biofilm and anti-fouling properties without harming plant or animal life. Aequor's business model is to sell its lead NCE under license to market leaders in industrial, healthcare, and consumer sectors as an effective substitute for toxic biocide inputs in end-use product formulations, or as a "bio-booster" for existing antifouling and antimicrobial controls. Aequor's lead NCE presents a disruptive approach to control bacterial infections without triggering a resistance response in the target pathogens. Lonza validated the lead NCE's remarkable efficacy in removing existing biofilms, which no other chemical is known to do at non-lethal doses, and inhibiting the formation of biofilm by medically-relevant bacteria. Aequor's IP estate includes patents pending on methods of extraction, methods of use, and composition of matter of the lead NCE and its analogues. Aequor's Founder Cynthia Burzell, Ph.D. - Microbiology, is considered a pioneer in Biofilms. She lectures internationally and offers educational training programs on biofilm and its impacts in industry (microfouling -- contamination, corrosion, scale, mold, fungi-- and macrofouling - the adhesion of barnacles, mussels, etc. to surfaces in contact with water), healthcare (80% of all bacterial infections are biofilm-related, including MRSA), and consumer hygiene (e.g., dental plaque is a biofilm). She conducts biofilm testing services for third party product formulators and device manufacturers, and is designing an experiment to be conducted on the International Space Station in 2015.


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4958 Nighthawk Way
Oceanside, California
USA 92056
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