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Aeras is a nonprofit, global biotech organization developing new tuberculosis vaccines for the world, in partnership with other biotech, pharmaceutical, and academic organizations. Aeras has an international staff of more than 100 people, with offices in the U.S., Africa, and Asia representing a critical mass of expertise in TB and vaccine development. With our extensive network of collaborators and funders, we and our partners effectively manage and prioritize the many vaccine candidates to accelerate progress in TB vaccine research and development. As a nonprofit, we champion TB vaccines based on global need and science and work to ensure that the final product is affordable and accessible to those who need it most. Serving as a critical translational bridge from the bench to the field Aeras has sponsored and conducted over 25 clinical vaccine trials enrolling thousands of subjects, and is a key partner in 6 active clinical development programs.


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Global Headquarters, 1405 Research Boulevard
Rockville, Maryland
USA 20850
(301) 547-2900

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