20/20 GeneSystems, Inc

Manufacturer/Supplier in Rockville, Maryland

20/20 GeneSystems (‘20/20’) was founded in May of 2000 to develop and promote an innovative proteomics product line that provides drug companies, biodefense specialists and life scientists with new tools for protein analysis. Our headquarters are in the heart of the biotechnology corridor in Rockville, Maryland in close proximity to the National Institutes of Health with which we have extensive collaborations. 20/20 GeneSystems develops and commercializes innovative, proprietary diagnostics tests that aid in the fight against cancer. These tests generally fall into two categories: Personalized Medicine: Our patented platform technology for measuring biomarkers in tumors is highly unique in that it combines the visual advantages of classical pathology with the multiplex capabilities needed as a result of genomics and proteomics. This technology is now being used to develop tests to predict responses to several new targeted therapies for kidney and lung cancer. Early detection of lung cancer: 20/20 is developing a blood test for the early detection of lung cancer. This product will be used for screening smokers and former smokers to pre-select or enrich the patient population to receive annual CT scanning long before the disease becomes symptomatic. Biological Detection: 20/20 is on the leading edge of developing technologies to help in the detection of biological toxins.


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100-9430 Key West Avenue
Rockville, Maryland
USA 20850
(866) 572-2020

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