4P Therapeutics

Manufacturer/Supplier in Norcross, Georgia

4P Therapeutics develops new transdermal products that meet the needs of patients, physicians, and payers. 4P Therapeutics is a product research and development company with expertise in technology development, drug formulation, product design, and preclinical & clinical development. 4P is not dependent on a specific platform technology but instead evaluates multiple different transdermal technology and formulation approaches to find the right match for a particular drug or biologic product being developed. Our in-house capabilities allow us to work with proven preclinical models either in vitro or in vivo and have the capability to move quickly to the clinic with a technology and formulation tailored for each specific transdermal product. We believe that the keys to success in the novel transdermal space are having the freedom to choose from multiple technologies and not be burdened with a one-size-fits-all platform technology as well as having world-class experience in transdermal formulation and product development. Current industry dynamics for transdermal product development and commercialization have lead us to create a business model for 4P that takes advantage of our own proprietary technology as well as the freedom to operate with multiple technologies. 4P has built an infrastructure that allows our experienced team to go from concept to proof-of-concept in humans in our Atlanta, GA, facility. The 4P Therapeutics team is experienced in developing a broad range of drug deliver technologies, particularly novel transdermal technologies for compounds that are currently injected or administered by SC or IV infusion. The company's team also offers experience with developing vaccines, medical devices, and diagnostics.


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150-680 Engineering Drive
Norcross, Georgia
USA 30092
(770) 263-1900

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