Aeglea Development Company, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Austin, Texas

Aeglea was founded in December of 2013 to develop engineered human enzymes invented in the laboratory of George Georgiou, Ph.D. of The University of Texas at Austin. The convergence of discovery and technology has created a significant opportunity for Aeglea to potentially impact both the treatment of inborn errors of metabolism and cancer. Four drug candidates that degrade specific amino acids in the circulation are in development. For inborn errors of metabolism efforts are underway to normalize high arginine levels in patients who suffer from a gene mutation in the arginine degrading enzyme Arginase I and for patients who have mutations leading to excess levels of homocysteine. Taking advantage of a cancer’s metabolic vulnerability and selectively killing only the tumor through deprivation of arginine, cysteine/cystine, and methionine are techniques in development for multiple oncology indications. Coupling amino acid depletion therapy with the development of diagnostics for each oncology-focused enzyme creates a unique opportunity to potentially target the metabolic reprogramming of cancer with enhanced therapeutic benefit. At Aeglea, we believe we can lead the industry in modulating the extremes of amino acid metabolism in both cancers and certain inborn errors of metabolism, with the hope of improved outcomes for patients.


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250-901 South MoPac Expressway, Barton Oaks Plaza One
Austin, Texas
USA 78746
(512) 942-2935

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