Green Energy Services, Inc.

Service Provider in Calgary, Alberta

Green Energy Services, together with our recycling partners, have introduced a recycling service for the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. Working with our recycling partners, we domestically shred, grind and wash LLDPE liners, reclaiming the LLDPE resin in a 100% environmentally friendly process… TRUE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP. Environmental stewards strive to sustain natural resources and our environment for future generations. People depend on natural resources for their livelihood. However, pressures on the environment resulting from development are steadily increasing. Therefore, it is necessary for citizens and the business community to ensure that their activities and operations are environmentally responsible. In Western Canada, there is currently well over 15 million pounds of plastic from pit and tank liners going intolandfills on an annual basis. The oil and gas industry is encouraged to promote waste minimization within their operations, and therefore, the industry is encouraged to develop effective strategies to minimize and effectively handle wastes in a diligent manner. Green Energy’s recycling services are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to liner disposal.



94 Everglade Way SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2Y4M9
(403) 998-7308

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