George Derby Centre

Service Provider in Burnaby, British Columbia

Since 1988, George Derby Centre has established itself as a ‘Centre of Excellence’. This is achieved through the strength of the Leadership Team, maintaining a commitment to the Centre’s Mission and Vision, encouraging creative and innovative programs and continually improving services to meet the needs of residents with complex care and dementia. In 2011, George Derby Centre was recognized by Accreditation Canada and awarded ‘Exemplary Standing’ status for exceeding national standards in the provision of care and services. Our Mission: George Derby Centre is a community-based complex care residence for Canadian Veterans of the Armed Forces. We provide individualized programs and services that enable our residents to maintain their optimal level of personal health and well-being within a caring and supportive environment. We also coordinate access to other health services, such as acute care, when residents require specialized treatment to maintain their quality of life. We achieve our mission through our commitment to excellence by acting with compassion and integrity, and by encouraging resident, family and community involvement in life at the Centre. Our Vision: To be the centre of excellence in the provision of supportive independent living, complex care and dementia care for Canadian Veterans of the Armed Forces and the general senior population. To be the community of choice for the people we serve and to be recognized for the commitment, warmth, compassion and competence of our staff. To be recognized for continually improving our programs and services by encouraging creativity and innovation within our community.



7550 Cumberland Street
Burnaby, British Columbia
Canada V3N3X5
(604) 521-2676

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