Canadian Plastics Industry Association

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The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) is the voice of the Canadian Plastics Industry. With over 2,422 companies employing 76,530 workers, Canada’s $17.6 billion plastics industry is a sophisticated, multi-faceted sector encompassing plastic products manufacturing, machinery, moulds, and resins. The CPIA is a dynamic, member-driven organization dedicated to the growth of plastics businesses and helping the industry reach its full potential. We are an advocacy association, and we speak with one powerful voice. CPIA is committed to delivering real results. For example, we have reached millions of Canadians with our proactive Intelligent Plastics campaign which educates consumers about the positive economic, social and environmental benefits of plastics. We have also worked with governments across the country on a number of ground-breaking recycling initiatives. And we have responded aggressively and successfully to certain unwarranted attacks on the industry. Through relationships with similar associations around the world, we are efficiently and effectively promoting and protecting plastics globally. Through forums and other networking events, CPIA also brings together leaders in the industry to share ideas, discuss business opportunities, and promote trade and innovation.



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Mississauga, Ontario
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