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B ambooyaTM is all about bamboo and making earth-friendly choices! For close to seven years, I made my home away from home in Tokyo, Japan, and it was there my bamboo obsession began. In my daily life, I discovered amazing, traditional bamboo items: from baskets, chopsticks, rice paddles, and "washi" (Japanese paper), to incense burners, charcoal, herbal medicine, and delicious "takenoko gohan" (bamboo shoot rice), which I made from fresh bamboo shoots growing in my small garden. A s one of the oldest renewable and sustainable natural resources, and more than 1,500 species, bamboo has been used as a staple in every day life for three thousand years in China, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia, as well as Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean (and many other countries), and is said to have one thousand and one uses! Here in the United States, we have only just begun to put bamboo to good use. For example, ultra-soft, organic bamboo fabrics and yarns used for baby clothes, t-shirts, and towels, etc.; bath and body products with bamboo charcoal, and bamboo mineral salts and silica; "green", biodegradable, disposable plates; hand-finished kitchen utensils, and much more. A s avid bamboo lovers, we at Bambooya look forward to discovering, creating, and offering you the most unique, eco-friendly bamboo products and gifts, made in the U.S.A, and from around the world. From ancient times, the sacred bamboo has invoked a sense of meditative peace and calm, and has been a symbol of longevity, resilience in adversity, and long-lasting friendship. We hope you are inspired by the wonders of this life-sustaining grass, and we welcome you to our bamboo community!


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