Baby, go green, LLC

Distributor/Wholesaler in Houston, Texas

I'm Debra, mother of 4 littles, A Texas native, free-spirited tortilla and ice cream addict, daughter of 2 entrepreneurs and a bookbinder by trade. How did I end up here-owning and operating a children's boutique? It all began with our first pregnancy 11 years ago. I started researching how to have an optimum healthy pregnancy and natural childbirth. That was the spark that ignited my enthusiasm for learning about a more natural lifestyle for myself and my loved ones. In addition, years later, we endured the tragic loss of our baby after I was accidentally exposed to toxic chemicals. Since then we have been extra careful in controlling what is in our home, what is against our skin, what we breathe and what we eat. And now I am SO determined to help other parents create a safe, non-toxic and "green" environment for the apple of their eye. (Or apples!). Why invest in "green" products? Because they are just that, a valuable investment. "Going green" improves our quality of life, helps the environment and can even save us money in the long run! And don't worry, there is NO need to sacrifice elegance, chic style and a little glamour for the sake of being "green". Before I decide to carry any product, I scrutinize the company and their ethics, the ingredients, and the production process. They have to be willing to have transparency. I have been so moved by these wonderful families that are behind the goods here and their commitment to your health and the environment! The baby, go green "eco-mission": The mission of Baby, go green is to offer an unparalleled shopping experience for parents and gift-givers seeking to create a thoughtful, hip and modern environments for the little “apple of their eye”. I will personally research and keenly select each item offered. And I will never be satisfied unless you are MORE than pleased with your experience here.



795 Town And Country Boulevard
Houston, Texas
USA 77024
(713) 984-2229

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