Distributor/Wholesaler in Austin, Texas

eleventy-five is an eco-conscious clothing brand designing and printing on organic and fair-trade fabrics using environmentally safe water-based inks. We're all about making cute and fun designs on comfy and soft clothing for babies and kiddos, and moms too! It's been a long time dream... maybe 'obsession' is a better word... of getting Jessica's designs onto clothes. She started out with an Etsy shop and has been building and learning how to run a small business over the past couple of years. Our name was inspired when her son had some fun announcing that he'd learned the five's multiplication tables that day at school... After asking his mom what three times five was he shouted 'eleventy-five'. Plus her daughter's birthday happens to be on 11/5... so of course she had to use that clever word to name her little business.



902 Gardner Road
Austin, Texas
USA 78721

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