Eco Cleaning Services Commercial, LLC

Service Provider in Scottsdale, Arizona

Established in 2005, we founded our company after working in the Property Management arena. We saw a niche where board members, HOA residents and business owners had a need for good, reliable vendors. They wanted to be able to pick up the phone and call upon a janitorial company who would not only keep their community/office staff happy, but would do so with reliability and work within their budget needs. Quickly we built our foundation servicing HOA communities and then expanding into commercial business complexes. Although the needs of each particular type of client may vary, one thing remains the same... We make things "shine" every time, at every service visit. The founder of Eco Cleaning Services Commercial, LLC is an entrepreneur and and environmentalist who began this organization with the care of the environment and her staff in mind. We always offer non toxic cleaning methods and options. Our staff is highly trained in safe, effective, top notch cleaning, from top to bottom. We pride ourselves on our reliable service and each staff member is rewarded for the quality that they provide for our clients. We make your community and business shine.



17212 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona
USA 85255
(480) 584-0232

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