Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Baltimore, Maryland

Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. is a biotechnology company specializing in the research and production of environmentally-responsible consumer products. Our mission is to apply the latest in biotechnology to real-world solutions. In addition to creating innovative products, Athena has participated in several large projects that have given us a wide range of expertise. One of these projects of note involved working with the U.S. Coast Guard to develop a biodegradable paint removal system that would be effective in blasting the paint from aircraft without causing damage to neither the frame nor the environment. Using a natural polymer, AthenaES developed a highly effective blasting medium and spent-materials recycling process that was environmentally safe and cost effective. Projects such as this one give Athena Environmental Sciences a unique breadth of expertise while maintaining the company's flexibility. Currently, we have three product lines that we are continually expanding: Athena's Compost Accelerator; MuckPuck grease cleaning products; and MagiGlue, a reversible, natural, animal-product-free adhesive. MagiGlue is a blend of natural adhesives. It works better than wheat starch and white glue, and contains no harmful solvents, petroleum, or animal byproducts. It was not tested on animals.


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1450 South Rolling Road
Baltimore, Maryland
USA 21227
(413) 455-6319

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