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Founded in 2003, Mothers en Vogue® (MEV) was born out of a conviction that nursing mothers and mothers-to-be deserve clothing which is not only fashionable but must combine the multi-features of : 1) comfort. 2) natural and/or eco-friendly fabrication. 3) innovative nursing construction and, of course, 4) quality sewing. Beyond being fashionable and trendy, MEV’s clothing must deliver equally on comfort. It must also be constructed with natural fabrication (think cotton, linen, bamboo - naturally derived yarns) and even better if ecologically derived. As a brand that embraces breastfeeding, the rationale behind such demands is simple - nursing mothers and babies benefit most from wearing natural textiles as these are most comfortable and breathe-able which in turn reduce incidences of skin sensitivities or reaction. These special qualities have led MEV to be a leader in the nursing fashion field and popular in many countries worldwide. Founder, Sharon Ho-Norton - a mother with an intimate understanding of breastfeeding who is inspired by her personal motherhood journeys and those of other mothers - believes that breastfeeding, besides being beneficial for the child, should also be a positive and empowering journey for every new mom. With the aid of aptly constructed nursing garments that allow for discreet yet convenient nursing access, a nursing mother can breastfeed on-the-go and gain confidence from the breastfeeding experience. A Mothers En Vogue mother is one who desires to give her best to baby, while being earth conscious, fashion savvy and keeping up with her usual lifestyle and myriad of commitments. MEV’s nursing access systems are designed to cater to the varying needs and requirements of nursing mothers - from a new mom without prior breastfeeding experience, to the savvy mom who has breastfed her several babies, including the mom who is tandem nursing or even nursing during pregnancy. MEV’s lines span the full spectrum of any occasion from everyday to evening wear and from summer to fall seasonal wear. The MEV concept caters not only to a mother‘s clothing and support needs from pregnancy to breastfeeding, but also the clothing needs of her newborn. Mom’s clothing range offer extensive options for nursing and Xtended® use (maternity wear that is also designed for nursing and post-delivery). Newborn and toddler ranges showcase creative onesies, baby tees and textile-based baby accessories.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Mothers En Vogue Pte Ltd. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


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