F. Ménard, Inc.

Producer in Ange-Gardien, Quebec

Back in 1961, f. Ménard consisted of just one man. He was certainly a man of passion, integrity and industriousness. A man determined to succeed. Someone for whom innovation came naturally. Fulgence Ménard had a strong business sense, but he also had sound values. And those values -- leadership, integrity, family -- dictated his actions over the years. His vision was to create an integrated production model and have complete control over each stage of production. Also, he intended to surround himself with the best. Nothing less. This vision, which brought Fulgence Ménard so much success, led him to be the first in Quebec to partner with other breeders. Today they are considered our 'extended family.' The idea was simple and appealing. To any farmers seeking to succeed at hog breeding but worried about the financial risks, F. Ménard offered a partnership formula: the company supplies the animals and feed to the farmers, who provide their buildings and time. More than 50 years later, F. Ménard has carved out its place among the leaders in swine production, both nationally and internationally. Since then, three Ménard sons have taken up the torch. The family tradition continues with them: that is your assurance of trust, knowhow and success. More than ever, our company is proud to produce meat that is tasty, healthy and of incomparable quality. A meat worthy of the F. Ménard seal of excellence.


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251, route 235
Ange-Gardien, Quebec
Canada J0E1E0
(877) 293-3694

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