AgroVision Corp

Producer in Los Angeles, California

One of the world’s leading and fastest-growing producers and year-round suppliers of superfruits. We are a founder-led company with a mission to transform lives across the entire value chain and a vision to redefine our industry through the deployment of cutting-edge technology at scale. Our vertically integrated model – from our farms to your local grocery store – allows us to enhance global food security. We own and control large-scale land and water assets in some of the world’s most exceptional climates for our products including Peru, Mexico, Morocco, and the USA (Oregon). We export to established and emerging markets including North America, the UK, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America and continue to expand our growing and sales operations globally. We operate with the highest standards of worker welfare and utilize technology to ensure the highest level of quality, food safety and value to our customers. Our evaluations and certifications support the fact that our products, as well as being highly traceable and safe, have been prepared under strict labor, social, environmental practices and with respect for Human Rights: Global GAP (2017), GRASP(2017), SMETA(2017), COSTCO (2019), BASC(2019), FSMA(2019), USDA Organic (2019), BRC(2020), EFI (2020), SPRING (2020), and others.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

AgroVision Corp has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels
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2121 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2570
Los Angeles, California
USA 90067
(424) 777-1770

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