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Algae Production Systems, Inc. was formed with the goal of establishing a company to produce and market turnkey, commercial scale, economically viable algae production systems. Algae is a single cell plant that consumes the Green House Gas (GHG) CO2 in the process of growing. Applied to the world wide problem of global warming, the cultivation of algae on a commercial scale has the potential to clean our air, not only today, but for generations to come. Our President has made it a personal goal to take significant steps to clean up our air by removing CO2 and reducing pollution. He has called on his administration to stand with him and focus their efforts on finding solutions to the problem of pollution and to find alternative sources of energy. This venture is in keeping with all of the Presidents goals. Further, it is a perfect match to the mission of such governmental agencies, as the DoE, which was formed 23 years ago with the mandate to eliminate our dependency on foreign oil. Algae also has the potential to make the United States energy independent with regard to liquid fuels for transportation. In the process of growing it produces an oil that can be made into a green, renewable, zero sulfur diesel fuel called biodiesel. With only 16 thousand square miles (half the area of the State of Indiana) turned to algae production there is the potential to eliminate the need for 60% of the transportation fuel produced in US refineries. By contrast, it would take approximately 2 million square miles (7 times the area of the State of Texas) to accomplish the same result using Soy Bean Oil. Algae Production Systems has developed its designs, formulated plans established timelines, and identified sources of supply. The APS venture is low tech, with no requirement for further invention or “new technology breakthrough”. It does not rely on the creation of a new market, but has multiple existing markets that are extremely large and in which there are currently no other competitors.


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