Algae Floating Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in San Francisco, California

AFS Biofarm™ is a microalgae cultivation farm which consists of identical AFS Biounits™. In turn AFS Biounits™ are made of identical AFS PBR Modules™ which in turn consist of proprietary photobioreactors. Production capacity of the farm ranges from 10 to 100 million gallons of algal oil per year. lgae Floating Systems, Inc. (AFS) was established in May ’07 to commercialize proprietary technologies in the supply chain of microalgae based fuels. We assembled a world class team of scientists, engineers and managers to achieve our goal of bringing low cost sustainable renewable fuels to market in the shortest period of time. The main goals of our company on engineering side are to minimize the capital as well as operating costs of our systems while keeping the same quality and quantity of the finished products, and on microbiology side to optimize algae cultivation processes. Although our systems will currently be deployed on non-arable lands, the long-term strategy of the company is to deploy AFS Biofarms™ offshore in the open sea.


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408-400 Oyster Point Boulearvd
San Francisco, California
USA 94080
(650) 866-5038

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