HydroLogic, LLC.

Service Provider in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina

HydroLogic, LLC was formed in June 2013 as a parent holding company to engage in a strategic acquisitions and mergers program of global water technologies and companies dedicated to addressing the "global water crisis" while capitalizing on the numerous opportunities presented in the global water and wastewater technology industries. HydroLogic has already identified significant international market opportunities — not only in the area of the development and deployment of global water technologies, but also in the upgrading of the deteriorating existing water delivery systems. The founders of HydroLogic have over 90 years experience. Gary Kabot has built companies from start-ups to over $300 million in revenues. Steve Flaim held a senior management position in a Fortune 100 companies and Tom Flaim is a renound world-wide expert in emergency water filtration. Together they have the unrivaled breadth and depth of business experience to accomplish the goal of building a multi-million dollar global water technologies company. Simultaneous with the formation of HydroLogic LLC, the company acquired market leader, Atlanta, GA based, First Water Systems, Inc. Founded in 2005, First Water Systems has developed a line of proprietary mobile water purification systems that are certified to meet or succeed US EPA and NSF quality requirements for both civilian and military uses. The founders of First Water Systems are significant stockholders in HydroLogic and are active daily in both First Water Systems and in the leadership of HydroLogic LLC. COO & CFO Gary Kabot of Hydrologic has unique experience in building companies through organic growth and the development and implementation of strategic acquisitions programs.



8715 Dogleg Road
Sherrills Ford, North Carolina
USA 28673
(828) 478-2853

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