American Micro Detection Systems (AMDS)

Service Provider in Stockton, California

AMDS manufactures analytical instruments for water and chemical processes. AMDS is expert in instrument integration and merging of existing technologies to provide new and useful “in process”, near real-time monitoring products. AMDS has over 20 years of expertise in EUV Spectroscopy and XRF Instrument Design, Implementation and Deployment. The new AMDS Product, REX ™ has the ability to detect the concentrations of dissolved metals in liquid flow systems down to the part-per-billion (ppb) sensitivity in process in real-time. The self-calibrating instrument combines the use of a Nano Cellular Carbon (NCC) structure to selectively capture metal ions (providing greater than 1000-fold concentration) and a novel X-ray fluorescence technique (XRF) for detection. REX will be followed closely by a companion product named ToxAlert™. ToxAlert is a revolutionary analyzer of organic chemicals in water. Based on a EUV platform ToxAlert will be capable of real-time, continuous toxin identification. AMDS’s proprietary system will be capable of higher sensitivity, down to the ppb levels, and provide single photon detection. AMDS has the lowest cost solutions in the EPA ppb arena for real-time/remote monitoring and analysis of drinking water, waste water discharge, and process water and fluids for the electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical, steel manufacturing and food industries.



2800 West March Lane
Stockton, California
USA 95219
(209) 985-1705

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