Asxban Technologies

Service Provider in Singapore

Asxban Technologies Pte Ltd was established in August 2011 to handle the Arsenic absorbent materials under licensing agreement with A*Star for production and distribution of the arsenic filter – with world wide distribution rights. This technology was developed by Prof. Paul of National University of Singapore whereby the arsenic poison in the water can be reduced from 1000ppb to less then 2ppb, which at this publication time is the most effective absorbent in this world. Currently best standard established by WHO is 10ppb. However, even at this level – the death rate is 1 death per 100 pax. Over 160 million people on earth are drinking Arsenic tainted water and we have the solution with current technologies to help and save lives with this product. Products are also suitable for water treatment in large scales whereby ground water contaminated by arsenic poison can be contained, as the absorbent is able to lock in the absorbed arsenic for safe land disposal. Preliminary objective to supply to municipal water works, on a government to government level, land fill, mining operators and water treatment plants then subsequently house hold units that can be sold via distributors, dealers and retailers, world wide and in major problems areas with extreme poverty to be via WHO, Unicef, NGO and 60 others world procurement agency under the flagship of World Health Organization. We are also the appointed Master Supplies Distributor (MSD) by KX Technologies LLC under the flagship of The Marmon Group LLC which is an international association of manufacturing and service companies. It command approximately 130 autonomous business units, have more then 250 manufacturing distribution and service facilities, and employed more then 15,000 employees world wide. MATRIKX® CTO® Extruded Carbon filter are supplied world wide via numerous channel to millions of home, offices and industries with excellent purification results meeting the strict requirement of NSF / ANSI for VOCs and THMs reduction, including Halal certification for particulate, cyst, turbidity, lead reduction, chlorine taste and odor reduction, and other requirements relating to purity and safety in drinking water use.



Kaki Bukit Road 1, Eunos Technolink
Singapore 415937
(656) 589-8494

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