ENBALA Power Networks

Manufacturer/Supplier in Toronto, Ontario

Enbala offers electricity system operators and utilities a new and different approach to support today’s evolving power system, increasing its efficiency and reliability through the engagement of the demand side. Enbala uniquely recognizes the importance and advantages of making demand as valuable as supply. The Enbala GOFlex platform continuously connects a network of commercial and industrial electricity customers, capturing and aggregating the flexibility in how they consume power. By leveraging connected customers’ existing-consuming assets – and the process storage they offer – Enbala's innovative technology enables the continuous balance of supply and demand. Enbala's intelligent platform offers a variety of both grid-scale and distribution-scale applications that engage the demand side. Enabled by Enbala's GOFlex platform, these applications offer system operators and utilities a new way to manage a complex power system that can defer capital costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve system reliability and efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. Enbala empowers electric system operators, utilities and large-scale electricity customers to take part in “Intelligent Energy Balance,” a cost effective and unique approach to grid management and optimization.



401-360 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5H2V6
(866) 957-3672

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