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In my early 20’s I visited a very gifted Tarot reader who was highly recommended by a friend. I’ll never forget my first encounter with Shirley. As she began the reading, she soulfully looked at me and said, “You’re a fifth kingdom child.” When I asked what that meant, she told me “you came into this world knowing.” The funny thing was, I understood what she meant. From the time I was a child I had heightened senses and would also absorb the emotional and sometimes physical experiences of people around me. These feelings instilled in me an intrinsic desire to comfort and to help others. When I was nine years old I told my mother I wanted to be a nun and renamed myself “Hope.” This lasted about three months until my mother broke the news to me that because of our religious affiliation, being a nun was not in my future. I may have wanted to change my name, but the one thing that never changed was my connection to a calling I had not yet fully understood. Shirley had predicted that I would read Tarot, and not long after that session I followed the Universal breadcrumbs that led me to do just that. I’ve been reading for more than 25 years but committed myself fully to it as my life’s work (along with Reiki modality) in 2009. I cannot speak about myself as a reader, of what I do, without saying “we” because it is with the grace of guides and guardians that bring insight to a reading. Tarot is a vehicle in which their wisdom resides and I feel that they have entrusted me to relay these messages; this is why I refer to myself as a spiritual reader. We often feel alone, that no one can truly understand what we are going through, but they know. Tarot is a form of communication from the source of encompassing knowledge and very personalized during a reading. They are here, around us, supporting, and loving us. We are here to live our path, guides can support us in many unknowing ways, but they leave our choices to us because choices are what define our journey, Tarot is a way to illuminate surrounding circumstances to facilitate insight and decisions.


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