A Clear Pathway To You

Service Provider in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

I offer intuitive transformational and spiritual life coaching services that support you in removing the blockages that are preventing you from experiencing the life of your dreams. To further optimize your health and well-being, I also offer other services from Reiki, crystals, past-life regression, karma releasing, and meditation to art therapy as a means of self-exploration, tapping therapy and workshops to support mind and body. Healing at the deepest level begins with a willingness to look within your own shadow. Fear is what is keeping you from healing and living a life of abundance, peace and joy. Our shadow represents the lessons in life we must face in order to grow stronger. Be courageous enough to recognize and resolve those areas of your life that need healing and releasing. Once you do this, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction. I feel honoured, privileged, and excited to walking this journey of healing with you! My mission is to guide, coach and support you in removing blockages or stress in any area of your life from relationship conflicts, family challenges, work challenges, and trauma, to depression, family loss or general life challenges. I help people undergo their own personal revolution to ignite their lives and the world around them. Chances are you’re already an amazing person, but you’re ready to take it to the next level and step into your most powerful and ALIVE self. I am honored to offer a SOULFUL, practical, and fun process of exploration, healing, and transformation available at your fingertips.



19580-114B Avenue
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia
Canada V3Y1P9
(604) 612-1450

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