Enlightened Dispute Resolution

Service Provider in Petawawa, British Columbia

Enlightened Dispute Resolution marks the culmination of a lifetime of study and experience by attorney, author, real estate developer, business owner and life coach, Leslie Kleiman. Leslie started her career as an attorney, practicing labor law for fourteen years. In 1990, she founded a real estate development firm in her hometown of Chicago in which she served as Vice President and General Counsel until 2004. Leslie moved with her family to Vancouver Island in 1993, and in 2004, developed a commercial mall in Shawnigan Lake, BC, also starting two businesses in the mall. Simultaneously exploring her profound interests in both human nature and the more spiritual aspects of our being, Leslie studied and became a Master in two forms of Reiki. Since 2009, Leslie has been pursuing her passions for knowledge and teaching full time by serving as a life coach to clients all over the world. She now brings her ample energy and creativity back to her roots with Enlightened Dispute Resolution, a professional mediation service. Leslie’s background as an advocate for labor, a business owner and a life coach render her uniquely qualified to understand and address the issues of all parties. Leslie’s personal philosophy has always been “win win” and she truly believes that every dispute is capable of a resolution that satisfies all parties’ needs given an open mind and sufficient creativity, focus and commitment. Leslie is dedicated to the healing of relationships, both with self and other.



24 Winston Avenue
Petawawa, British Columbia
Canada K8H0C1

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