Stuyvesant Environmental Contracting, LLC

Service Provider in Princeton, New Jersey

Boskalis Environmental is a global leader in the field of large-scale washing of soil and dredged sediment, as well as in extensive land and riverbed remediation. Our highly specialized techniques have been developed in-house and our plant and equipment are unique, built by us to meet the client’s needs. With our management support office, engineering department and laboratory, we are able to execute multifaceted projects in their entirety – from the initial tests, design and project management right through to the construction of the required plants and the implementation and management of the project. The sooner a client involves us in a project, the more accurately we are able to respond to the client’s often complex issues. Boskalis Environmental has two home markets: one based in the Netherlands and working in Europe under the name Boskalis Dolman b.v. and the second in North America operating under the name Stuyvesant Environmental Contracting LLC & Stuyvesant Projects Realization Inc. Boskalis Environmental employs over 100 people worldwide and uses the corporate support services of the Royal Boskalis Westminster nv, an international maritime service provider whose activities include dredging. Boskalis Environmental provides essential services to clients confronted with difficult remediation projects involving contaminated sediments and in this way complements the activities of our parent company.


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