Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS)

Manufacturer/Supplier in Darlington

Air Fuel Synthesis is pioneering revolutionary renewable fuels to provide secure, stable, and sustainable alternatives to global uncertainty about the future of fossil fuels and fossil oil based products .Air Fuel Synthesis uses renewable energy to do what nature does with photosynthesis and time, converting carbon dioxide into oil. Put simply, Air Fuel Synthesis converts carbon dioxide and water into synthetic hydrocarbon liquids from which sustainable fuels or other oil based products can be made. AFS is integrating a range of technologies that allow carbon neutral, sustainable fuel to enter the transport fuel market, thus significantly reducing the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere associated with the burning of fossil fuels. Air Fuel Synthesis is developing sustainable fuel operational expertise through its high-tech demonstrator facility. This facility produces a range of renewable fuels as a precursor to commercial scale applications and projects.



94 Cleveland Avenue
Darlington DL3 7BE
+44 (132) 535-4404

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