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It all began over 30 years ago. Jim Rosen, a pioneer in the natural foods movement, had a vision to create healthy foods that grabbed everyone’s attention. Back when "natural and healthy" meant "bland" to most folks, Jim created FANTASTIC foods. They were daring vegetarian recipes - colorful, original and naturally delicious! He insisted on using superior ingredients from as close to their natural source as possible. These ingredients were wholesome, natural, full of life and home-grown vitality. His spirited side dishes, soups and meals simmered with inventive culinary creativity. Fantastic World FoodsTM was the first to create many items that are now a mainstay in the food industry, including the first all-natural soups in a cup, the first mashed potato cups, the first authentic Asian Noodle soups, and the first all-natural soups and dips. Today, FANTASTIC remains committed to creating boldly delicious foods that are full of goodness and flavor. What a delight to discover a new dish or recipe! Fresh and exciting! Your sensory experiences embrace a deeper understanding of the culture and geography from which this lovely food originates. A culinary voyage across continents and cultures!


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