Cleveland Vocational Industries, Inc.

Service Provider in Shelby, North Carolina

Our service mark is WE WORK® which tells you a lot about our organization. At CVII WE WORK® for businesses that want to outsource their production needs and for adults that have barriers to employment. A barrier is defined as anything that limits a person's ability to obtain and maintain employment. Our philosophy of service is to act as a facilitator for change in a person's life. Our job is to help guide a person in meeting the goals that they set for themselves. Cleveland Vocational Industries earns approximately 99% of its operational revenue through contracts for service and production work for companies. We are a community based organization serving adults primarily living in Cleveland County, North Carolina. We plan the direction of the organization based upon input from Training Associates, parents, customers, service providers and the community. We use the term "Training Associate" to describe the people we serve, where similar companies use the term "client". We have supported and helped hundreds of individuals find meaningful careers for over 21 years. To do that, we aggressively look for business partners who can provide real, paid work for our Training Associates in our facility. This work not only helps develop good work skills for people seeking a job, but drives our organization to find new and exciting approaches to employment training. Our order-fulfillment business makes us one of the most technologically advanced Community Based Organizations in the Nation. We provide real, paid work for our Training Associates in an integrated production environment. Production employees act as mentors for our Training Associates. For many of our Training Associates the work we provide can be a stepping-stone to a chosen career. It becomes a vehicle for change in their life. For others here at Cleveland Vocational, this may be the first time they have ever earned a paycheck. Can you remember your first check? The pride you felt from knowing that something you had done had worth and meaning? That's what we're all about here at Cleveland Vocational.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

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650 North Post Road
Shelby, North Carolina
USA 28150
(704) 471-0606

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