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AtSource extraction systems remove harmful emissions at the source. Born from the rising need for direct “at-source” extraction, AtSource provides extraction systems and industry solutions for companies to maintain the health & safety of their workplace.

Avoiding inhalation of toxic chemicals is particularly tricky in some industries. Nobody likes wearing masks -  they’re hot, they’re stifling, and they give workers a rash. Thanks to AtSource, there are now better ways!

General Manager Stuart has the knowledge and industry experience to know when ordinary ventilation is sufficient and when the extraction is needed at the source.

The versatility of Nederman dust and fume extractor products and solutions means they are suitable for all workplace environments. They can easily be placed just about anywhere and AtSource has the reels, extraction arms, dust collectors, and dust filters to cater to every need. 

Direct at-source extraction of harmful emissions is widely recognized as the best method of eliminating airborne contaminants from the workplace. Within the market, dentistry, food, and pharmacy, steelwork, vehicle workshops, and fire and emergency services are just a few of the industries AtSource works with.
They also deal with ongoing projects assisting Fire and Emergency NZ, NZ Defence Force, the University of Auckland, and Douglas Pharmaceuticals. 

AtSource aims to bring the best products, every time. They are supplied by the largest company, backed by highly experienced professionals, and supported and facilitated throughout New Zealand and the Pacific. 

They hold the largest range of fume extractors and solutions in Auckland and Christchurch and provide engineered and applied solutions to suit every customer. Get in touch with AtSource today to ensure the safety of your workplace with effective ventilation & extraction systems.


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