Bauman Sawmill, Inc.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Wallenstein, Ontario

BAUMAN SAWMILL INC. is an integrated company; from forest management to finished product. Marketing finished goods to you under the registered trade name STREAMRIDGE.CA. STREAMRIDGE.CA branded products are items made with care and quality in the heart of southwestern Ontario. Our facility is nestled beside the Conestoga River in the rural setting of Wallenstein, Ontario, Canada where travel by horse is quite common. As part of Waterloo region, we are neighbours to Waterloo’s technology centre and Universities, a large auto assembly plant, and large national hardware and food corporation distribution centres. All of this results in quick access to major transportation systems ending at your door. STREAMRIDGE.CA snow products utilize ash lumber that we harvest in an ethical manner to manage this renewable resource as responsible stewards of the land. Our lumber is air dried naturally at least one year in advance of its use. Our slow air drying of lumber not only saves the environment and energy that would typically be used in kiln driers, it also leaves the wood with superior fiber strength to flex during use and bending during production. While the wood is processed in an efficient and semi automated way, every item is touched by our hands. Water based finishes are applied in dip systems so we do not emit chemical particles into the air that you and I are breathing. We are doing our share to leave a small foot print on the world while creating cherished toboggans and sleighs that families will enjoy for generations.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Bauman Sawmill, Inc. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


4201 Powell Road, RR 1
Wallenstein, Ontario
Canada N0B 2S0
(519) 698-2741

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