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Processor in Seattle, Washington

Alaskan Leader Fisheries, LLC, located in Lynden, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska is owned by the Alaskan Leader Group (ALG) and Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC). Each of these groups consist of individuals who are lifelong fishing families that currently own and operate various fishing vessels in the salmon, longline and pot fisheries of Alaska. Alaskan Leader Fisheries manages three fishing vessels, the F/V Alaskan Leader, F/V Bristol Leader and the F/V Bering Leader, which are 50% owned by ALG and 50% by BBEDC. Each of the ALG members started in the 70's and 80's as crewmen in the Alaskan fishing industry and have independently worked their way up the ladder from deck, to wheelhouse, to eventually owning their own vessels. BBEDC, located in Dillingham, Alaska, provides a wide range of economic, education, and funding programs for member-communities as small business owners. The board carefully considers their fisheries investments in order to empower their communities toward economic and cultural prosperity. This unique ownership union brings together the best of people, cultures, and ideas that has helped to create one of the largest and most productive longline businesses in the fleet.


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200-4215 21st Avenue West
Seattle, Washington
USA 98199
(206) 965-1881

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