Advanced Microbial Solutions

Distributor/Wholesaler in Frisco, Texas

Agricen is an agricultural technology company delivering biochemical-based solutions for efficient and sustainable plant nutrition. Our solutions help growers adapt to the rapidly changing demands of modern agriculture by providing the most effective tools to increase nutrient availability and uptake, improve sustainability and increase yields. Around the globe, commercial growers are facing increasing costs, the need for greater productivity and the demand for more sustainable agricultural practices. Agricen is committed to delivering the next generation of innovative plant nutrition products—ones derived from biological and biochemical sources—to help growers meet these challenges. Our products are biochemical tools that are designed to work within a grower’s established fertilizer program, making nutrients more available to the root system and stimulating greater plant growth than fertilizer alone. By incorporating Agricen’s products into their current fertilizer programs, growers can enhance their nutrient use efficiency and increase their yields economically and sustainably. Agricen’s products are innovative biochemical fertilizer catalysts that are distributed under the Company’s proprietary SoilBuilder™ and NutriLife® brands, as well under the Accomplish® LM and Titan® PBA brands distributed by Loveland Products, Inc. (a subsidiary of Crop Production Services, Inc.). Tested and proven in over 600 field and greenhouse studies conducted by Agricen, universities, the USDA and other third-party evaluators, our products have been shown to perform consistently over a broad range of plant species, soil types, application methods and grower practices, including both certified organic and conventional production practices. Growers who incorporate Agricen’s technology into their programs generally see improved yield responses and reduced fertilizer losses, year after year.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Advanced Microbial Solutions has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


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