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Angel Ventures Mexico's mission is leading early-stage companies to attract private investment, promoting development through linkage to strategic investors, establishment of efficient management practices and corporate governance policies, as well as continuous support, links with suppliers, service providers, customers, and continuing advice. By achieving this, it directs smart capital into funding, operational efficiency of enterprises, and promotes capitalizing on opportunities with high return on investment. The projects that Angel Ventures Mexico look for have a high degree of innovation, often with a scientific and technological base. In order to identify projects at an early stage and generate higher returns for investors, they seek to invest from USD 100,000 up to USD 500,000 in the first round of investment. Angel investors are not looking to only invest in these projects, but are actively involved in the management and development of the company, creating value for all stakeholders. A key part of what they do is structuring the business investment potential, and aligning incentives between investors and entrepreneurs, working throughout the process until they execute a successful exit strategy for their investors in the project.


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Horacio 340 4A, Chapultepec Morales, Miguel Hidalgo
Mexico City 11570
+52 (555) 254-5789

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