Angel Forum of Florida

Service Provider in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Angel Forum of Florida is a Not-For-Profit Organization that facilitates interaction between individual investors and local entrepreneurs through Member networking and our monthly meetings and presentations. "Angel Investors" are private individuals or groups of private individuals who invest in emerging and expanding companies. The level of investment is typically in the range $50,000-$2,000,000. Local entrepreneurs are in constant demand of financial and executive resources to help start and/or grow their businesses. The Angel Forum of Florida, formerly known as AIFFL, was established in the fall of 2005 to facilitate the interaction between local Entrepreneurs (opportunities) and Angel Investors (resources) and to help promote business growth in Florida. Angel forum of Florida does not make direct investments as we are not a fund. We are a networking forum. We execute our mission through networking and providing a forum for entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to meet and collaborate.


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14880 Twisted Tree Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
USA 33418
(561) 247-3017

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