Akron ARCH Angels (Akron Regional Change Angels)

Service Provider in Akron, Ohio

The ARCHAngel (Akron Regional CHange Angel) Network is a regional forum for introducing investors to market-driven, technology-based investment opportunities within Northeast Ohio and particularly within the greater Akron area. The Network, made possible through the sponsorship of the University of Akron Research Foundation (UARF), brings together promising technology companies and Angel investors with a particular focus on businesses that leverage the region’s strengths in health care, information technologies, polymers and other advanced materials. The Network was formed in November 2005, and conducts quarterly meetings to introduce investors to promising investment opportunities. In addition, the Network provides opportunities for ARCHAngel volunteers to mentor and advise young technology companies. The Leadership Team is represented by the University, enterprise accelerators, regional initiatives, local government, private sector and investment partners.


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302 East Buchtel Avenue
Akron, Ohio
USA 44325
(330) 972-7111

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